Meet Our Demo Dog

Jake Piper, Demo Dog

“Demo” Dogs are teachers. Working beside a trainer, a good demo dog demonstrates obedience standards and can reliably show new handlers what a specific task should look like, as well as help trainers break down those tasks into teachable components. Demo dogs are great visual aids for the humans and great role models for the dogs-in-training. They go through the same training and testing any service candidate must achieve—and then some. Good demo dogs allow us to expand best-practice procedure and further our understanding of how and why a dog is motivated to serve.

Jake Piper, the German Shepiteroodle

Jake Piper, an abandoned puppy left to die in a shed in August 2010, began his career by simply struggling to survive. Rescued by good Samaritans and taken to a vet, he was hospitalized with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and given a doubtful prognosis at 10 weeks old. Constant care and heroic medical efforts to save him paid off, and Jake came home to a family of humans, cats, and canine siblings. For the first few weeks, he gained strength and found some of his inner puppy, wolfing down four meals a day and dismembering every single dog toy in the house. But that wasn’t enough. Jake quickly proved himself smart, energetic, universally friendly to humans and other animals and eager, eager to learn..

  • The shed where Jake had been trapped.
  • Jake Piper at the vet, too weak to stand.
  • Search-and-rescue dog Puzzle cradles puppy Jake.
  • Jake Piper, poised during a training session.
  • Jake Piper today.

What kind of dog is he? is the question most asked about Jake Piper. Friends guess and DNA results from two agencies don’t exactly match, but we are pretty sure that German Shepherd, bull terrier, rat terrier, and standard poodle are in the mix. What we do know is that Jake’s hard backstory didn’t affect his readiness to work and his willingness to love. Everybody.