What We Do

Possibility Dogs assists homeless dogs and the service community in the following ways. We...

  1. Evaluate, rescue, and train homeless dogs that show talent for service or emotional support, or community comfort (aka "therapy dog") interaction
  2. Assist in the adoption of those dogs to appropriate partners
  3. Serve as a training resource for handlers seeking to self-train or co-train their dogs for tasks specific to their conditions
  4. Act as public educators and advocates for appropriate use of service dogs, with particular focus on psychiatric service dog partnership, which is often less-familiar and subject to discriminatory practice
  5. Collaborate with rescue groups to promote talented dogs for service or therapy work to partners or handlers seeking them
  6. Research and document testing, training, and public procedures to support the service dog partnership as a legally-protected and culturally-accepted practice
  7. Assist in the placement of candidate dogs who do not pass the final criteria for service or therapy work
  8. In extenuating circumstances, offer on-site evaluation of potential service dog candidates and/or offer training assistance for partners in other cities or states when feasible