How to Help


We have short- and long-term volunteer opportunities, for those interested in working with talented dogs toward special service skills!

For those interested in short term volunteering, you can help by:

  • socializing with brand new Possibility Dogs (play visits)
  • assisting with Public Access training by accompanying a Possibility Dog team to stores, parks, restaurants, etc.
  • allowing a Possibility Dog team to do a walk-through short visit of your office or business (we love training on stairs and elevators!)
  • assist with Canine Good Citizen and Public Access testing

Want to be more involved? We have opportunities for you to:

  • participate with Possibility Dogs at community events, safety fairs, and the like — interact with the public, introduce the dogs, and spread the good word about our services
  • learn evaluation and training protocols for Possibility Dogs' service,emotional support, and therapy canines
  • assist in the evaluation of potential Possibility Dogs
  • develop and provide information resources for clients partnering a Possibility Dog (ex. vaccinations required for interstate travel; TSA procedures with service dogs at airports, public bus travel requirements in a specific city, etc.)
  • foster a Possibility Dog candidate who has passed initial evaluation
  • train or co-train a Possibility Dog candidate to pass the CGC and Public Access testing where appropriate
  • partner a Possibility Dog in therapy contexts (hospitals, hospices, schools, social service facilities)


Contributions are always welcome and much appreciated. See our Donations page for more information.